Nut Solutions Australia supplies quality machinery and equipment to enable nut producers to better manage their operations, create value-add products and save time and effort. We provide equipment to help with the harvesting and processing of most kinds of nuts and seeds.

We source quality equipment from Germany, USA and NZ. Plus, we’ve recently started manufacturing our own electric nut crackers, too. We ship to Australia, NZ and the Pacific.

We have several product lines: Nut Harvesters, Hand-Operated Nut Crackers, Motorised Nut Crackers and Dehuskers, and Oil Presses.

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I have had the chance now to use the Nut Harvester, it works a charm! It manages to pick up the big nuts, as well as the partly eaten ones left by the Black Cockatoos.

I have nearly collected an entire garbage bin full of gum nuts. The great thing about the Nut Harvester, compared to raking, is that the smaller parts of the nuts, twigs and other vegetation get left behind. So this great for my yard, getting extra nutrition into the soil.

I am very impressed by it!

— Murray Rye

Great for picking up gum nuts!

Our new electric nut cracker works fabulously. We are very pleased with the high whole kernel rate. It really gives our arms a break!

Tim and Fern Fairclough, Queensland

No more cracked kernels!