Nut Solutions Australia is Australian owned and operated


Nut Solutions Australia supplies quality machinery and equipment to enable nut producers to better manage their operations, create value-add products and save time and effort. Our equipment can help you with harvesting and processing most kinds of nuts and seeds.

We source quality equipment from Germany, USA and NZ. Products can be shipped to you in Australia, NZ and the Pacific.

Several product lines can help you harvest more efficiently or create new market opportunities: Nut Harvesting Equipment, Manual Nut Crackers, Motorised Nut Crackers and Dehuskers, and Oil Presses.

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TheĀ News section is updated regularly and contains all the latest information on products to make your life as a nut grower easier, new manufacturing partners we’re working with to bring you the best possible equipment, and special promotions.

We have a range of motorised nut cracking and dehusking machines for small to medium sized operators

We have several manual nut crackers for household use or for those with just a small orchard

We have both hand-operated and motorised nut harvesting equipment available, depending on the scale of your production

We have oil presses ranging from hydraulic presses for cottage industry operators through to commercial-scale producers

Our new electric nut cracker works fabulously. We are very pleased with the high whole kernel rate. It really gives our arms a break!

Tim and Fern Fairclough, Queensland

No more cracked kernels!

Thanks John, we received our Nut Harvesters on the weekend and we’re looking forward to trying them out. Thanks for the quick and friendly service!

Bob and Marie, Victoria

Great service