Based in Tasmania, we are fully Australian owned and operated.

We source equipment manufactured by small to medium sized engineers in the USA, NZ and Germany who stand behind the quality of their products. These manufacturers have worked with producers to design tailored solutions to common challenges faced in the nut industry.

We have strong relationships with engineers and manufacturers in different regions around the world. Please ask us if you have a problem – we may be able to help. We are committed to providing reliable, professional customer service. We will respond to your enquiries quickly and we will be honest if we are unable to help.

John Pethybridge

John Pethybridge - Nut Solutions Australia is Australian owned and operated

John Pethybridge, the owner-operator, is a primary producer and nut orchardist. He has more than 3,000 walnut trees planted on his property on the north-west coast of Tasmania.

He started Nut Solutions Australia by importing hand-held nut harvesters from the USA. John has grown the business by listening to the needs of producers and identifying promising opportunities.

John has a long history of establishing small businesses in the services and primary industries sectors and growing them to profitability.

He has an extensive network amongst growers, manufacturers and retailer in Australia, NZ, Germany and the USA.

Emma Pethybridge

Emma Pethybridge - Nut Solutions Australia is Australian owned and operatedEmma Pethybridge is John’s youngest daughter.  She has a Masters in Environmental Management, a Bachelor of Arts/Science in Human Geography and a Graduate Certificate of Business Management.

She has 15 years experience in sustainability with a focus on developing land-based and social enterprises.

Her professional work with the Australian Government helps communities create opportunities in agricultural and ecosystems service markets. She is studying Veterinary Medicine at the University of Queensland.

Emma’s role with Nut Solutions Australia is to support marketing and business development.