A6003 – 36″ Push Large Nut Harvester

Are you sick of having annoying pine cones all over your yard, making it look messy and hard for the kids to run around on? With the 36-inch large nut harvester you can pick up prickly pine cones and other similar sized items (e.g. golf balls and black walnuts) with ease. Collect them all up before you run over them with the lawn mower!

With the 36-inch push harvester, you can pick up and empty the pine cones with ease by simply removing the baskets from the picker and dumping them wherever your central collection point is. A big advantage – the 36-inch push model can cover more ground a lot faster than the 18-inch model and fills up two baskets simultaneously.

Lightweight and easy to operate. Picks up items 3.81 – 5.08cm in diameter. 

AUD $1,599 (excluding GST). Delivery within Australia not included – please Contact Us about delivery.


NB: this is the push model only (with handle). A pull-behind version is available too, as is a smaller 18-inch model (see video).