A6001 – 36″ Push Mac Harvester

The A6001 Push Mac Harvester is a 36-inch wide, push-style nut harvester tool with double baskets for quicker pick-up and fewer stops to empty baskets. The basket, ejector fingers and brackets have all been carefully engineered for a smooth, easy harvest experience. 

Harvest a three-foot wide path in one sweep and enjoy the ease of harvesting nuts without hassle. Easily manoeuvre around your grounds, lawn or orchard, including around tricky obstacles such as rocks and tree trunks.

No bending over or sore back. The harvester is easily pushed and operated with minimal strength. Enjoy heave-duty harvesting with the durable frame but with easy manoeuvre ability. Baskets are easy to lift and dump out so you can continue picking up macadamias. Turn hours into minutes and enjoy the fruits of your harvest!

The A6001 – 36″ Push Native Harvester is perfect for macadamias but will also pick up English walnuts, chestnuts and sweetgum. Also suitable for picking up honky nuts or similar sized gum nuts. Picks up nuts or other items 1.6002 – 3.81cm in diameter. 

AUD $1,629 (excluding GST). Delivery within Australia not included – please Contact Us about delivery.


NB: this is the push model only (with handle). Pull-behind versions are available too (see A7000-A7003 series).