A5002 – 18″ Push Small Acorn Harvester

Our new 18″ push model is a great way to efficiently pick up acorns. It is lightweight with a durable frame to give you many years of harvesting acorns. 

The single basket is manoeuvrable and the ejector fingers and brackets have all been carefully engineered to come up with an optimal design for small acorn harvests. To operate, simply push the unit along in front of you as you walk under the trees and see how easily the acorns are picked up by the fingers and ejected into the basket. When the basket is full, simply lift it out by the handles, empty the acorns, drop the basket back in the bracket and keep on harvesting. For dense acorn coverage, make a second pass. This model is generally suitable for acorns 1″ or less in diameter.

This harvester will significantly reduce the time you spend cleaning up acorns. A worthwhile investment to save you time and energy.

 AUD $1,195 (excluding GST). Delivery within Australia not included – please Contact Us about freight costs to your area.