A5000 – 18″ Push Pecan Harvester

18-inch wide, push-style nut harvester tool with single basket for quick pick-up and easy manoeuvrability. The basket, ejector fingers and brackets have all been carefully engineered for a smooth, efficient harvesting experience. 

Easily push the harvester under trees and around trunks. Push the light-weight harvester and watch the fingers grab the nuts and eject them into the basket. Lift out, empty and replace the basket quickly – little strength is required.

No bending over or sore back. The harvester is easily pushed and operated with minimal strength. Turn hours into minutes and enjoy the fruits of your harvest!

The A5000 – 18″ Push Pecan Harvester will pick up all varieties and sizes of pecans, as well as large acorns, filbrets, hickory nuts and almonds. This model is our most popular pecan harvester and is the easiest and fastest way to pick up pecans.

AUD $1,195 (excluding GST). Delivery within Australia not included – please Contact Us about freight costs to your area.