A0012 – Classic Flip-Up Small Acorns

The 12″ Classic Flip-Up Small Acorn Harvester is a favourite for anyone with an oak tree and is also suitable for joba beans. 

This model is ideal for anyone who has trouble lifting a full basket of acorns. The Flip-Up is easily emptied by pulling a cord to dump the basket of acorns onto the ground or into whatever you place beneath it – a tarp, garbage bag or container. No lifting required, just pull the cord to empty and you’re done.

Acorns are hard to see and hard to manage. The Classic 12″ Flip-Up Small Acorn Harvester will save you time and energy by getting those pesky acorns off your lawn. This model is great for collecting acorns of almost all oak tree varieties, including: white, live, red, pin, chinkapin, scarlet, shumard and willow oak. 

Suitable for small acorns or joba beans or nuts that are 0.635 – 2.54cm in diameter.

AUD $975 (excluding GST). Delivery within Australia not included – please Contact Us about delivery.