A0010 – Classic Flip-Up

The Classic Flip-Up has been a favourite of nut orchardists and growers for many years all around the world.

The smaller, lightweight frame is perfect for home harvesting, but bigger farms also find it great for getting under low branches, around trees, garden furniture, rocks or other obstructions, or over uneven terrain. The Flip-Up baskets are easy to operate by pulling a cord that dumps the contents of the basket onto the ground, or into a bag or container. Release the cord and continue picking up nuts!

This harvester is especially popular with customers who are unable to lift a fully loaded basket of nuts. Easy to store between uses. Perfect for a small farm or home orchard owner.

12″ model, suitable for nuts 0.95 – 3.175cm in diameter, including pecans, almonds and large acorns.

AUD $975 (excluding GST). Delivery within Australia not included Рplease Contact Us about delivery.