A7001 – 36″ Pull-Behind Mac Harvester

If pushing a harvester around is not for you, then our 36-inch Pull-Behind Mac Harvester is your perfect solution for picking up macadamias, as well as English walnuts, chestnuts and sweetgum. Also suitable for honky nuts or similar sized gum nuts. Picks up nuts or other items 1.6002 – 3.81cm in diameter.

The basket, ejector fingers and brackets have been engineered to be more effective and durable, providing an easy harvesting experience. A three-foot wide wheel shaft rolls along the ground picking up the nuts and filling up the dual baskets. The baskets are easily lifted out, emptied and replaced, for quick, continuous harvesting. Attach and disconnect the Pull-Behind sweeper in no time with the universal hitch provided. Fits easily onto the back of most ride-on lawn mowers or tractors.

AUD $1,629 (excluding GST). Delivery within Australia not included – please Contact UsĀ about delivery to your location.