Nut Rollers

The Nut Roller is extremely easy to use. It is lightweight and requires very little strength to operate. The unit is attached to a broom handle and is simply rolled over the ground where nuts are scattered. Save your back and knees!

The wire springs separate and the nuts “pop” inside the cage, leaving leaves and other debris on the ground. Each unit includes a metal bracket that fits easily over most buckets, containers or trailers. When the cage is full (around 1.5kg), it is pushed gently onto the bracket, jiggled and the nuts fall easily into the bucket. The process takes around 20 seconds.

The Nut Roller is ideal for a single large tree, a small grove or even a larger commercial orchard. It can also be used for tidying factory floors. Also handy for cleaning up gum nuts (honky nuts) scattered under trees.


A high quality, hand crafted tool, the Nut Roller is made of zinc-coated steel. It is ideal for walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamias, pecans, acorns, sandalwood and chestnuts.

It can also be used to pick up larger items such as pine cones, golf balls, tennis balls, apples and toys – or smaller items, such as gum nuts.

Small Nut Roller

Recommended for sandalwood nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, acorns and pecans. Broom handle not included. Price includes GST and shipping.


Standard Nut Roller

Recommended for walnuts, chestnuts and macadamias. Broom handle not included. Price include GST and delivery.


Large Nut Roller

Recommended for windblown fruit, chestnut burrs, golf balls, tennis balls and children’s toys. Broom handle not included. Price includes GST and delivery.


Pine Cone Roller

The pine cone harvester will pick up pine cones of all sizes with ease. Price includes GST and delivery.