OB100A Nut Harvester

The OB100A is the largest capacity ride-on fruit and nut harvesting machine, a step above the OB80R. With a 23 HP V-twin engine, it is a powerful machine, capable of harvesting between 4-8 tonnes of fruit (or husked nuts) per hour.

The OB100A has an outstanding capacity to separate fruit from leaves, sticks, grass and other debris. Optimal grass length for best results: 5-25cm.

The plant rotor, with optimised ground adjustment capability, results in close to 100% pick-up rate with minimal damage to fruit.

Ergonomic seat position, hydraulic power steering and compact design. High-quality German manufactured machine made with the best materials for durability and performance. Suitable for use in processing plants or in the orchard.

 Suitable for harvesting apples, pears, walnuts, hazelnuts and citrus fruits.

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