Nut Harvesting Equipment

We have both hand-operated and motorised nut harvesting equipment available. The scale of your production will influence the type of equipment that is most suitable – and cost effective – for you.

If you have just a few trees, a hand-operated Nut Roller will probably be sufficient. A small family orchard might prefer a double-basket Push Harvester or a harvester that is pulled along behind a ride-on lawn mower to save time and effort. A commercial operator is likely to need a motorised solution with higher capacity.

We are the agents in Australia for Bag-A-Nut in the USA and also Feucht-Obsttechnik in Germany. Our hand-held Nut Rollers are also made in the USA by Holt’s.

Nut Rollers are hand-operated and extremely easy to use. Save your back and knees! Suitable for a few trees or to clean up after a large harvest.


All sizes of push harvesters available, including: 

Easy to operate; requires very little force. Just push it along and the nuts ‘flip’ into the black baskets at the front. Covers more ground than the Nut Roller. Push harvesters available for all nut sizes – from small acorns all the way up to pine cones and including honky (gum) nuts.


All sizes of pull-behind harvesters available, including A7000A7001A7002 and A7003. Easy to use; just connect to the back of your ride-on lawn mower using the universal hitch provided. The nuts ‘flip’ into the black baskets for easy collection. 


A range of high-quality, ride-on motorised harvesting machines with hydraulic emptying systems for central collection of nuts in the orchard or processing plant, ready for transport. Machines include the OB70R (similar to a ride-on lawn mower), the OB80R (the most popular of the ride-on harvesters) and the OB100A (suitable for more extensive operations or contractors).

Made in Germany by Feucht-Obsttechnik.