Hand-Operated Nut Crackers

We have several hand-operated nut crackers for household use or for those with just a small orchard, as well as a range of motorised nut cracking and dehusking machines for small to medium sized operators.

Base Nut Cracker

Base cracker on grass

  • Stainless steel construction mounted on a rustic macrocarpa wooden base

  • Very strong and easy to use for people of all abilities

  • Can crack all types of nuts from 19 to 40mm diameter

  • Great addition to any coffee table or kitchen or even a wine bar/lounge or brewery

  • Food-grade standard
  • Bearings contain admiral brass

Designed and engineered in NZ using quality materials.

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Base Nut Cracker

Stainless steel construction mounted on a macrocarpa base. Price includes GST and delivery. Reduced from $220 to $176 for a limited time only!


Hand-Cranked Nut Cracker

  • Cracks up to 25kg of nuts per hour

  • Easily adjusted for different types and sizes of nuts

  • Heavy gauge steel construction ensures long life and continued use

  • Oven-baked, powder-coating steel

Easy to use – just fill the hopper, turn the handle and the cracked nuts drop down to a tray. Weighing approximately 7kg, the unit is portable, but benefits from being bolted to a stable surface.

Heavy-duty design uses 3mm crushing plates and is suitable for cracking various nut sizes and strengths, particularly walnuts, hazelnuts and soft-shelled almonds. This cracker is not suitable for macadamias, as the shells are too hard.

Traps and cracks the nut between the revolving crushing plate and the fixed plate. Supplied with spacers held in place on the shaft by a linchpin. By removing or adding the spacers, the distance between the two crushing plates can be adjusted for the size of the nut being cracked. Two thinner spacers are supplied for a finer adjustment, if required. 

Requires minimal maintenance. Apply a small amount of oil occasionally to the shaft.

Designed and engineered in NZ using quality materials.

Hand-Cranked Nut Cracker

Cracks up to 25kg of nuts per hour. Heavy-gauge steel construction. Oven-baked powder-coated steel. Weighs approximately 7kg. Price includes GST and delivery anywhere in Australia.



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