New website!

Welcome to Nut Solutions Australia’s new website! All our old products continue to be available, plus we’ve added some new product ranges for 2018. Our new products include: nut harvesting equipment through Bag-a-Nut in the USA, oil press machines through Kern Kraft in Germany and nut harvesting equipment through Feucht-Obsttechnik in Germany.

We will progressively add these new products to the site. Most of our products will be available to order online; however, some have variable freight costs. For those, you’ll need to contact us directly so we can tailor delivery costs to your location. We’ll try to ensure a price guide is available for each product though, so you can get a general idea of cost to help you with budgeting.

Please feel free to share on social networks or leave a comment, as we’d love to hear your feedback on our new site.

As always, please get in touch on 0407 847 170 or john@nutsolutions.com.au to discuss any of the products we offer.

Happy browsing!