Nut Harvesters

Great for picking up gum nuts!

Nut Harvesters have now been demonstrated to work beautifully to pick up the gum nuts that have fallen from your trees.

Murray from Western Australia has been using the Nut Harvester he recently bought from Nut Solutions Australia to pick up whole gum nuts as well as the partial gum nuts left behind by birds.

I have nearly collected an entire garbage bin full of gum nuts. The great thing about the Nut Harvester, compared to raking, is that the smaller parts of the nuts, twigs and other vegetation get left behind. So this great for my yard, getting extra nutrition into the soil.

Standard nut harvester
Standard Nut Harvester

If you have a problem with gum nuts (also known as honky nuts) and would like to see whether a Nut Harvester could work for you, please contact us to discuss what size would be best for the type of gum nuts you have. The standard Nut Harvester will be most suitable unless the gum nuts you need to pick up are very small.

With just a few minutes of rolling the Nut Harvester under your tree, you can gather all the pesky gum nuts and save the blades on your lawn mower (not to mention your feet).

So, head on over to our Shop and order! Nut Harvesters are $177, including GST and delivery anywhere in Australia.



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